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Fox control at Lake Boga’s turtle habitat
Turtle Lagoon at Lake Boga

Fox control at Lake Boga’s turtle habitat

A fox control program has started at Lake Boga’s Turtle Lagoon.

The four-week program will help to control foxes in the area, ensuring the protection of the local turtle population and as part of Turtle Lagoon’s ongoing improvement.

Lakes Ward Councillor Les McPhee said it was important to protect the turtles, as a first step towards improving the lagoon area.

“We are looking at continuing the good work of the community by making more improvements at Turtle Lagoon, to help make it a more accessible and user-friendly part of Lake Boga,” Cr McPhee said.

“This fox control work is just one element of that ongoing improvement,” he said.

The foxes will be controlled through humane trapping. Contractors will set traps in the evening and remove them each morning. Any foxes caught will be euthanised humanely.

The work will take place throughout June. For more information, contact Environment Officer Tammy Herne on 5036 2393 or email therne@swanhill.vic.gov.au.