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New drag strip – a view from above

Check out this awesome aerial footage taken at Swan Hill’s new drag strip. It shows the drag strip during construction of the concrete racing surface.

Work at the nationally-accredited quarter mile drag strip is progressing well, with great support from the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club and the wider community. The strip looks set for a December 2015 completion.

The drag strip is being built thanks to a $2 million contribution from the Victorian Government, $450,000 from Council and $220,000 worth of in-kind support from the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club. Swan Hill businesses have also come on board, donating goods and services or offering them at cost price.

To date, an estimated $100,000 of donations and in-kind work has included:

  • Shaping of drag strip subgrade and construction of spectator mound (moving 14,000 cubic metres of earth in the process) – Murray Valley Lasers and Graders, and club volunteers
  • Grassing of mound – turf donated by Advanced Turf and planted by drag racing club volunteers
  • Irrigation installed by club volunteers
  • Construction of parts of entrance road – Coburns Earthmoving
  • On top of their original contribution, the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club has sourced the hydronic temperature control system with support from Elsteel and McKenzies Electrical.

The club will continue other works on site, including landscaping, and is always looking for new members or volunteers to assist. Contact Lucas Woodburn lucaswoodburn@hotmail.com.

Progress so far

  • The concrete slab for the first 310 metres of the strip is complete.  This will make Swan Hill the longest concrete racing surface in Australia, with the remaining length of the track to be asphalted. A huge 3000 tonnes  of concrete has been used for this part of the project.
  • An amazing 8km of tubing is looped inside the first 120m of the concrete track, creating a unique temperature control system.
  • Testing of the temperature control system is currently underway and is showing potential to alter the surface temperature by up to eight degrees

Coming up

  • Concrete wall installation is expected to start late in June and should be finished by August. Sydney-based SeoVic will complete this work, and is expert in this type of concreting, known as slipforming.
  • Local contractors will be engaged to construct emergency gate openings in the wall and the concrete anchor blocks attached to the wall.
  • Asphalt work on the remainder of the drag strip will start in November, to take advantage of warmer temperatures. The asphalt will be unique to motorsport applications and to ensure the best possible drag racing surface, must be laid with an air temperature of at least 15 degrees to enable laying at 150 degrees.