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Nyah District Meals on Wheels; make a difference

Nyah District Meals on Wheels; make a difference

Nyah Meals on Wheels has been providing local residents with nutritious meals for over 20 years and is now calling for volunteers to make sure this fantastic service remains viable.

Meals on Wheels is a volunteer delivery service, delivering meals to the homes of community members who are unable to prepare healthy and nutritious food due to age, ill-health, disability or even depression. The service not only provides community members who are nutritionally at risk with access to a balanced diet, but it also offers personal interaction for those who are socially isolated.

Council’s Director of Community and Cultural services, Bruce Myers said local volunteers have done and continue to do a fantastic job delivering meals in the Nyah District area.

“However, our volunteer numbers are declining and existing volunteers are regularly required to fill gaps in rosters and double up on the days they are required to deliver meals,” Mr Myers said

“It would be really unfortunate, and a knock to the Nyah community, if we don’t have the numbers and have to reduce the service or find an alternative.

“The Manangatang community was recently in a similar situation and after a fantastic community effort there are now six new volunteers on board to ensure the future of the service. We’re hoping for a similar response from the Nyah District community.”

Mr Myers added that delivery of meals generally only takes about an hour and, with enough volunteers, each person would only be scheduled once per month.

“The Meals on Wheels service can be the difference between someone being able to stay living at home or the premature admission to permanent care. Council is urging any local community member who can donate an hour a month to please volunteer.”

A morning tea will be held on Monday, 27 June at 10am at the Nyah West Cafe for existing volunteers to get together and for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer.

Alternatively, if you can’t make the morning tea and would like more information, contact Council’s Meals on Wheels Co-ordinator Carolyn Harrop on 5036 4700.