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Removal of diseased trees from caravan parks

Removal of diseased trees from caravan parks

Council will remove a number of trees from three local caravan parks in the coming weeks due to disease and risk of falling limbs.

As part of regular caravan park maintenance to ensure these premises are safe, Council engaged the services of an arborist to inspect the Lake Boga Caravan Park, Robinvale Riverside Caravan Park and the Swan Hill Big 4 Riverside Caravan Park.

The arborist’s report found a number of trees were deemed high risk and required immediate removal.

Council’s Director Development and Planning Adam McSwain said the potential for tree limbs to drop was the catalyst for urgent action by Council to remove the dangerous trees.

“It’s never an easy decision to remove trees, however due to the risk these trees pose, the safety of the community is paramount,” Mr McSwain said.

“Replacement trees will be planted at all locations in the coming months to ensure the areas will be provided with adequate shade in the future and remain visually pleasant.”

After the trees are removed, Council would like to encourage the community to look for alternative uses for the wood.

Community or sporting groups who would be interested in collecting wood suitable for fire wood, or anyone who would like to use the larger limbs and trunks for furniture or sculpture, can contact Council’s Economic Development Coordinator Muriel Scholz on 5036 2454.