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A message from the Mayor

A message from the Mayor

People living in urban areas would have received their new fruit fly traps over the past week or so.

If you haven’t hung the trap in your yard, please walk away from the screen and do it now. Even if you don’t have your own fruit trees, please hang your trap.

The traps lure fruit fly and help reduce the population in the long-term. It is important to get the traps up now, as female flies emerge from their winter dormancy. Traps have been distributed to local urban households for three years now and, along with a strong education campaign around how to manage trees and ripe fruit, are helping to reduce outbreaks in townships.

But the fight is far from over, and we all need to fight it together for the future of our multi-million dollar horticultural industries.

For more information on managing fruit fly visit www.swanhill.vic.gov.au/fruit-fly.

3500 have seen Da Vinci – have you?

About 3500 people have visited Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery in the past month to see Da Vinci Machines.

And half of those through the Gallery’s doors have come from outside our region, many coming come to Swan Hill just to see Da Vinci.

Comments from visitors have included “wonderful to see this genius’ work in 3D and action” and “mind blowing how ahead of his time he was”.

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about? Well there is a worldwide fascination with Leonardo Da Vinci, not only for his famous artwork, but for his engineering abilities too. He was well ahead of his time, imagining and technically drawing machines that were not realised in his lifetime, or for many lifetimes after. Things like the helicopter, plane, bicycle and war tank.

The exhibition covers so many bases – engineering, science, physics, art, history. And of course, there a plenty of exhibits that you can have a go at, so it will keep the younger ones entertained too.

With this exhibition right on your doorstep, consider paying a visit. It’s on until 20 August.

Have your say on the Mobile Library

We want to hear from mobile library users and people who live in our rural communities as we look at how we can best deliver library services across our municipality.

The mobile library has been operating since 1958, and has continually adapted to meet community need.

Now, factors like constantly changing technology, declining use of the mobile library, the closure of some primary schools and a permanent Library confirmed for Robinvale, mean it is time to review how we can continue to deliver improve library services to rural areas.

Visit www.swanhill.vic.gov.au/yoursay before 16 August to take part in the survey.

Council meeting in Robinvale

Our next Ordinary Council Meeting will be held at Robinvale Community Centre on Tuesday, 15 August, at 4pm.

While the agenda is still being finalised, some of the items that will be discussed include the Robinvale Community Plan and Council’s new Community Access Inclusion Strategy.

This will be a chance for people from the northern end of our municipality to see how decisions are made at Council. And as always, there is the chance to ask questions of Council. You must submit your question in writing either in the question box at least five minutes before the meeting, or by emailing council@swanhill.vic.gov.au or faxing 5036 2340 by 5pm the day prior.

Chance to meet with Mayor and CEO

Before the Council meeting on 15 August, the Council CEO John McLinden and myself will also meet with any community members interested in discussing their issues and ideas. You can make an individual time to talk with us by contacting Sharon Lindsay at Council on 5036 2348.