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Off leash on trial

Off leash on trial

Pet owners in the Swan Hill municipality now have four areas to exercise their pets off leash.

Part of a two year trial, the off leash areas are located at Tower Hill and Palaroo Street in Swan Hill, Centenary Park in Robinvale and the Lake Boga sporting complex (see maps below).

Areas have been clearly marked as of leash areas with signage and equipped with animal waste bags and bins.

Council’s Public Health and Regulatory Services Manager Trish Ficarra said the decision to trial off leash areas meant more choice for residents.

“Instead of having a single fenced off leash dog park in Swan Hill, pet owners now have a larger choice when it comes to exercising their pets off leash.

“This means those living outside of Swan Hill have an option nearby.

“And by not having a single static park, it also gives us the option of adding more off leash areas in the future.

Ms Ficarra added that a number of considerations were made before choosing the locations.

“We factored in a lot things including proximity to households, roads and footpaths, the amount of space available, established grass areas and car parking options.

“We wanted to make sure the areas selected wouldn’t bother nearby residents but were still in convenient locations that provided enough space for pets to exercise freely.”

After the two-year trial period Council will go back to the community and find out if the off leash areas are working.

“We’ll do more consultation around the off leash areas, find out if more should be added or if our community would still like to see a single off leash dog park.”

Tower Hill Park (Swan Hill)

Lake Boga Sporting Complex – Old Junior Soccer Oval (Lake Boga)

Centenary Park (Robinvale)

Palaroo Park (Swan Hill)

Rules to remember when using off leash areas

  • Be within voice and hand control of your dogs at all times
  • Carry a bag or device to remove and dispose of any droppings left by your dog
  • Keep your dog on a leash if it doesn’t respond to your commands
  • Stop your dog from being a nuisance towards other people and animals
  • Remove your dog from the park if it becomes aggressive
  • Children must be supervised
  • Dogs must be registered with Council and displaying registration tags
  • Owners or persons in control must carry a leash at all times
  • No dogs are to be teased or chased
  • Owners or persons in control must have no more than two dogs at any one time
  • Only vaccinated and socialised dogs allowed
  • Any dog displaying signs of illness must be removed immediately

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