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My last mayoral blog

My last mayoral blog

Many of you would be aware by now that I am not re-nominating for the mayoral role at the Statutory Meeting of Council on 13 November.

I would like to thank the community for the support they have shown me during my five years as Mayor.

It has always impressed me the work that is done and the money that is raised by volunteer groups right throughout the Swan Hill municipality. We couldn’t go close to affording services if we had to pay for it all. These volunteers assist greatly in making the Swan Hill municipality a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Community members are also the best ambassadors for our region, so spread the word on what we have to offer and how great it is to live in Swan Hill. This will benefit our local attractions and businesses.

People have asked “what is your best achievement while being the Mayor?”.

As the Mayor, I am only one part in a large team of people that bring projects to fruition. We must always remember that some projects take years to achieve, and there will always be people who have worked on these projects that might have left Council. We cannot forget their involvement. Not one person should claim accolades for any project or achievement.

One of the major functions of a Mayor is to be the spokesperson for the Council. The support I have received from my fellow Councillors, Council’s CEO, Directors and staff has assisted me greatly in this role, and I thank them for that support.

I would like to acknowledge in particular Sharon Lindsay, Felicia Chalmers and Makayla Rust. These three had the unenviable task of making sure I was in the right place at the right time saying the right things. Not an easy task!

Recently I was asked by a community member, “is there anywhere you don’t go?”. My reply was “home”.

With that statement in mind, I would especially like to thank my wife Leigh for the support she has given me over the years, and look forward to spending more time together.

It has been a privilege and honour to be Mayor of the Swan Hill Rural City Council. I wish the incoming Mayor all the best and I will continue to represent the entire community as a Councillor to the best of my ability. Once again thanks to all.