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Amendment C073

Amendment C073

The Swan Hill Planning Scheme is the legal document that guides Council, landowners and developers on how development can occur across the municipality.

It applies to all land within the municipality, and Council is required to keep it up to date, as development demands.

Council is proposing an amendment to the Planning Scheme and is encouraging community members to provide feedback.

The planning scheme amendment, known as Amendment C073, implements the outcomes of strategic studies that Council has undertaken in recent years. Among other things, it will:

  • Replace the existing Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) with a new Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and a modified Planning Policy Framework (PPF) to include policy directions arising from the strategic reports adopted by Council.
  • Insert modified zoning and overlay maps, including detailed mapping of environmental significance along the Murray River and a new Parking Overlay map in the Swan Hill township.
  • In the Low Density Residential Zone, introduce a permit trigger of 200 square metres for an outbuilding.
  • In the Rural Living Zone, specify a minimum lot size of two hectares.
  • On properties with a Land Subject to Inundation Overlay, introduce a new schedule to reflect the approach towards flood risk that has been adopted in other municipalities.

Amendment C073 will also implement some of the outcomes of the Swan Hill Rural Land Use Strategy, which Council adopted in October 2016. This includes the recommended changes to the Farming Zone (and schedules), but does not include the recommended changes to the Rural Living Zone. These are expected to be considered as part of a separate amendment.

Finally, Amendment C073 will allow Council to implement the changes made at a state level in 2018 through Amendment VC148. Amendment VC148 changed the Victorian Planning Provisions and planning schemes to clarify, simplify and improve their structure and function, and to remove unnecessary regulation.

Information drop-in sessions will be held during the exhibition period to explain the proposed changes – they are detailed below. Please come along at any time during the drop-in session.

The best way to give us your feedback is by written submission. All submissions will be considered prior to finalising the Amendment. Submissions don’t need to be long, but should clearly state which aspect of the Amendment you do or don’t support and why.

Key documents

Key dates

Monday, 25 February
Information session at Manangatang Community Centre
Wednesday, 27 February
Information session at Swan Hill Town Hall
Monday, 4 March
Information session at Robinvale Community Centre
Monday, 15 April
Submissions close

Who’s listening

Heather Green

Heather Green

Director Development and Planning

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You can also send your submission to planning@swanhill.vic.gov.au

Or you can write to Planning Department, Swan Hill Rural City Council, PO Box 488, Swan Hill VIC 3585.

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