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Better rural access for Higher Mass vehicles

Better rural access for Higher Mass vehicles

Farmers and transport companies will now have access to about 2200 extra kilometers of rural roads.

Following recommendations from Council VicRoads have formally published a Higher Mass Limit network for our region.

Mayor Ann Young said the change will make a huge difference to local fruit and vegetable growers, grain producers and transport companies.

“Only 533 kilometres, or 12 per cent of our roads had been gazetted for Higher Mass vehicle access and operators had to apply to use other roads as needed. This process was proving frustrating for operators, with a wait of up to five days some times,” Cr Young said.

Operators will now have permanent Higher Mass vehicle access to about 2200km (or 63 per cent) of roads in the municipality.

“This change will be beneficial for transport companies, local farming businesses and it will ultimately have a positive flow-on effect for our economy.

“This will see approximately 70 per cent of our local road network now accessible to Higher Mass vehicles, without the need for a permit,” Cr Young said.

Council has not approved the gazettal of its entire road network but for the remaining network operators can still apply to Council for permits to use vehicles on other local roads for prescribed periods of time.

The Higher Mass Limit network in now available through the VicRoads website at: https://vicroadsmaps.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=56fb173f65b5470e8036e239d6162bab

For more information on the Heavy vehicle map networks in Victoria visit the VicRoads website https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/business-and-industry/heavy-vehicle-industry/heavy-vehicle-map-networks-in-victoria