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Aquatic Needs Analysis – open for public comment

Aquatic Needs Analysis – open for public comment

An online survey into the future of the region’s aquatic services, including the Swan Hill, Robinvale, Nyah and Manangatang swimming pools is now open for public comment.

This survey will ask community members their views on the future of outdoor swimming pools, and the creation of new splash parks and water play areas.

Complete survey

Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor Bill Moar said the survey was the start of a community engagement process that would be conducted throughout the year.

“We are doing this consultation and putting plans in place well ahead of time. This helps us make well thought out decisions and be ready to take advantage of funding opportunities as they come up,” Cr Moar said.

“Council started this process by having an expert complete an Aquatic Needs Analysis. We received this late last year, and now we want to get community input,” he said.

“After this consultation we will create an action plan, draw up concepts for any new facilities and then look for funding opportunities. We will also use this information and input to help decide how to best operate and maintain existing pools.”

Cr Moar said there had been some community concern about the analysis document, and the future of Swan Hill’s outdoor pool.

“There are two things I would like to assure people of,” he said.

“The first is that Council has not made a decision about what size pool will be built in Swan Hill in the future. The suggestion of a 25m pool was made in the analysis, but does not take into consideration any views of the community.

“The existing pool complex is ageing, is already leaking, and will need replacing. We are planning ahead so that we can act when funding opportunities arise.

“The second thing to stress is that the Aquatic Needs Analysis looks at more than just Swan Hill’s pool. It looks at how pools at Swan Hill, Robinvale, Nyah and Manangatang might be best managed and maintained in the future. It also looks at where we might build splash parks or water play areas.

“Swan Hill is calling for a riverfront splash park. But we also think that Robinvale, Manangatang and Nyah should have access to water play. So, what form would it take and how would that be implemented?

“I really want pool users, families and other interested residents from all areas to think about what they would like to see in the future and to let us know.”

Due to the Coronavirus situation, this round of public engagement will be online only. Meetings between Council, pool user groups and other key stakeholders will be undertaken later in the year.

There will also be community feedback and open information sessions, where all community members can attend, ask questions and give their views.

The Aquatic Needs Analysis and survey are available now at www.swanhill.vic.gov.au/yoursay, until 31 May.