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A message from the Mayor – 20 May 2020

A message from the Mayor – 20 May 2020

We’re thrilled with news that we’ll be able to do $750,000 worth of upgrades in our smaller towns over the next two years.

The State Government announced a $500,000 contribution to our Vibrant Villages project, which will be joined with a $250,000 Council contribution.

It will allow us to ramp up the delivery of projects from Community Plans, at Woorinen, Ultima, Manangatang, Lake Boga, Boundary Bend, Piangil, Beverford, Nyah and Nyah West.

There will be landscaping, seating and tables, shelters and barbecue areas, footpaths, outdoor gym equipment and public art. It will differ for each town, but it will be directed by the community priorities from individual Community Plans.

Examples include upgrades at AN Lewis Park in Nyah and Memorial Park in Boundary Bend; new street trees and irrigation in Ultima and Manangatang; and gym equipment and updated shelters at Nyah and Lake Boga.

On behalf of all nine rural communities, we thank the State Government for its contribution, and we now look forward to working with locals to see these improvements rolled out.

Robinvale housing funding

MP Mark Gepp has also announced $500,000 to support the establishment of worker housing in Robinvale.

Council is in the process of subdividing land in Ronald Street in Robinvale and will put this $500,000 together with a $500,000 Council commitment to build houses there.

We will build three houses initially, and then offer them for sale.

It’s part of our long-term Robinvale Housing Strategy to improve housing options in the area, and we thank the State Government for its vote of confidence in the Robinvale region.

Riverside Park pathway

It’s been great to see the new pathway at Swan Hill’s Riverside Park coming along

The gypsum path that goes through the centre of the park is being replaced with a concrete path, all the way from the new playground area to the canoe club.

They’ll also be moving it away from the pond a little – great news for parents of little kids. In the next few months we’ll be installing lighting along the new pathway.

This will be a great improvement for Riverside Park – funded from the State Government Community Crime Prevention Program.

Council elections in October

The Victorian Electoral Commission has confirmed that Council elections will go ahead in October this year. Like previous years, the vote will take place via the post.

This year we will go into the election with the new structure. Seven Councillors will be elected from across the whole municipality rather than from four wards.

More information will come out from the Victorian Electoral Commission on timing and other details as we get closer.

Don’t be complacent

A case of coronavirus was confirmed in Loddon Shire last week and serves as a reminder to us all to remain vigilant. Even though restrictions have started to be lifted, we are not immune.

Stay safe by keeping your distance when you’re out, and washing your hands well and regularly, and please stay home when you can.

– Mayor Bill Moar