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Responsible pet ownership is a must

Responsible pet ownership is a must

Dog owners are being urged to increase their vigilance after a large number of incidents around the Swan Hill area recently.  The incidents include the killing of livestock, attacks on other dogs and people.

Last month, Swan Hill Rural City Council received 8 reports of dog attacks.

Swan Hill Rural City Council Director Development and Planning Heather Green said it was disappointing to see so many incidents occurring.

“Owners must demonstrate responsible pet ownership at all times, which includes knowing where your dog is and undertaking training to ensure you can control your dog.

“Dogs must be under their owners control at all times,” she said.

Ms Green said it is in the best interests of everyone involved – farmers, dog owners and the general community – to make sure dogs are securely confined when their owners are not home.

“If a dog is involved in any sort of attack, owners can face fines of up to $6,000.

“Depending on the severity of an attack, dogs may also be placed onto the dangerous dogs register, which dictates how the dog must be housed, and in some cases the dog may be required to be euthanised,” she added.

Ms Green said it was also important to ensure pets were registered and microchipped, to help with identification and then returned to you if they have escaped your home and found wandering.

For more information, or if you have any information on wandering dogs or stock, please contact Council on 5036 2346.