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Council is getting behind Thrive by Five

Council is getting behind Thrive by Five

The Swan Hill Rural City Council is encouraging the community to get behind the Thrive by Five campaign.

Thrive by Five is a national online campaign lobbying for significant childcare reform for effective policy and investment in early childhood outcomes across Australia.

Council’s Director Community and Cultural Services, Bruce Myers highlighted the importance of greater investment in early year’s education.

“Thrive by Five are campaigning to make our early learning childcare system high quality and universally accessible.

“When a child falls behind in the first five years they stay behind for life, and this can lead to major health, economic, legal and social issues during adulthood.

“Our education, health and social policy must reflect this,” Mr Myers said.

Mr Myers said the Thrive by Five campaign captured the attention and support of parents, workers, and educators since being launched in September and Council was also getting behind the campaign.

“Council is encouraging local residents to jump online and get behind this campaign – it could be the most significant educational, social and economic reform of our era.

“Improving child development requires a better collaboration across education, maternal and child health, and family and social services.

“Universal access to early learning would benefit children, women, families, and the economy,” he said.

Mr Myers said there are a number of ways to support the Thrive for Five campaign.

“Individuals can sign an online open letter to the Federal Government or join the community campaign online,” he said.

To sign the open letter click here 

To join the community click here  

For more information about the Thrive by Five campaign please click here