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Border checkpoint, a team effort

Border checkpoint, a team effort

Swan Hill Rural City Council is proud to be supporting Victoria Police in their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 at Traffic Management Points (TMPs) right across our municipality.

Victoria Police Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator Acting Senior Sergeant Brian Molloy said anyone who has recently travelled into Victoria, could easily assume that Victoria Police is doing all the work.

“We have a dedicated emergency response team working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our checkpoints run smoothly,” Mr Molloy said.

Swan Hill Rural City Council Municipal Emergency Management Officer Simon Burge said during all local emergencies Council is called upon to assist in the response efforts.

“Whether it is flood, fire or a global pandemic, Council is trained and ready to step in.

“Our current commitment during border closures has centered largely on administrative and logistical support,” he added.

Mr Burge said emergency response is much more than just our reaction when an incident occurs.

“We have formed a partnership with other agencies and our dedicated multi-agency Municipal Emergency Planning Committee (MEMPC) meets regularly to plan for these types of events and ensure we are ready to respond.

“The team work collaboratively to protect our community and provide the best outcome,” he said.

For more information contact Council on 5036 2333.