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Circuit Breaker Business Support Program

Circuit Breaker Business Support Program

The Victorian Government has announced new support packages for small businesses, including sole traders, most impacted by the coronavirus circuit-breaker action.

The $143 million Circuit Breaker Support Package is expected to help more than 50,000 Victorian businesses – including restaurants, florists, confectioners, hairdressers, accommodation providers, musicians and performers – who incurred costs such as the loss of perishable goods, cancelled gigs and foregone trading.

For further information on available support options for your business, see below:

Victorian Accommodation Support Program

The program supports Victorian accommodation providers that experienced cancellations due to circuit breaker actions.

Accommodation providers with demonstrated cancellations between Friday 12 and Wednesday 17 February 2021 can apply for direct payment in two tiers:

Tier 1: Funding of $2,250 (ex GST) per Accommodation Premises experiencing 10 or fewer cancelled nights.Tier 2: Funding of $4,500 (ex GST) per Accommodation Premises with 11 or more cancelled nights.

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Business Costs Assistance Program

The Business Costs Assistance Program assists businesses in eligible sectors that have incurred direct costs as a result of the circuit breaker action. For example, businesses may have incurred costs through loss of perishable food or produce and cancelled bookings.

Eligible businesses with an annual payroll of up to $3 million can receive a one-off grant of $2000, whether they have employees or not.

Further information, including eligibility criteria and program guidelines, will be published by the State Government soon.

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Circuit Breaker Action Payment

The Circuit Breaker Action Payment is a one-off payment to eligible businesses who previously received a grant through the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund. These businesses may receive a further one-off payment of $3000 per eligible premises to help with costs incurred as a result of the circuit breaker action.

You do not need to apply for this payment; eligible businesses will be contacted with further information.

Note: Businesses that receive this payment will not be eligible to receive a grant from the Business Costs Assistance Program.

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For assistance with your application please contact the Economic Development Unit on 5032 3033 or email: ecodev@swanhill.vic.gov.au