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Why leave town?

Why leave town?

Swan Hill Region Visitor Information Centre has been awarded second place in the Australia wide Why Leave Town promotion, for their Swan Hill Gift Card sales.

Swan Hill Rural City Councils Director Development and Planning, Heather Green said the Visitor Information Centre had loaded $35,790 onto local Swan Hill Gift Cards during 2020.

“It’s an outstanding achievement and a real credit to the Swan Hill community for getting behind this initiative,” she said.

The Swan Hill Gift Card promotion is a unique and convenient gift that was developed by Why Leave Town in conjunction with Swan Hill Incorporated.

Ms Green said the main benefit of the initiative was to keep money within local communities.

“Every time a Swan Hill Gift Card is purchased the money is staying locally, helping to generate revenue throughout our entire region,” she said.

Ms Green urged residents that may have received a Swan Hill Gift Card for Christmas to spend their Swan Hill dollars.

“While the gift cards are redeemable for up to three years from the time of being loaded, they can sometimes become lost or get forgotten.

“If you have a Swan Hill Gift Card, spoil yourself and support a local business,” she said.

There are 103 local stores participating in the Swan Hill Gift Card promotion, a full list is available here.

Local businesses can register to join the Why Leave Town Gift Card Program and to encourage more people to shop local by clicking here. 

For more information or to purchase a Swan Hill Gift Card contact the Swan Hill Region Visitor Information Centre on 5032 3033