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Hard waste collection happening this month

Hard waste collection happening this month

Domestic hard waste collections will take place this month in the towns of Nyah, Nyah West, Manangatang, Chinkapook, Vinifera, Boundary Bend, Piangil and Wood Wood.

Hard waste collections for 2021 will take place in the following townships:

  • Nyah – Monday, 22 March
  • Nyah West – Tuesday, 23 March
  • Manangatang and Chinkapook – Wednesday, 24 March
  • Vinifera and Boundary Bend – Thursday, 25 March
  • Piangil and Wood Wood – Friday, 26 March

Council’s Director Infrastructure Svetla Petkova encouraged people living in these areas to make use of the biennial collection.

“This is a great way for residents in our rural towns to have a spring clean, to clear out unwanted household items like old furniture, white goods, scrap metal, electrical items, tools, mowers and timber,” she said.

“The collection is rotated around, so that each rural town has a collection every two years.”

Ms Petkova said there were some requirements that residents needed to follow to make sure their hard waste was collected.

“Items collected must be able to be lifted by two people to shoulder height and items must be no longer than 1.5 metres. We will need clear access to nature strips on collection day,” she said.

“A brochure will be delivered to mailboxes to provide information about what can and what cannot be placed out for collection.”

All materials for collection must be placed on nature strips prior to the collection date. This is a residential collection only and no commercial waste will be accepted.

Items that WILL be collected include:

  • Old tins, scrap iron, and other waste metal
  • Empty/dry/clean paint tins with lids off
  • Crockery, chinaware etc
  • Household furniture, such as couches, bedframes
  • Carpet (rolled and tied – limit of 1.5m
  • Household appliances like fridges (remove doors), stoves, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Electrical appliances, tools, equipment, mowers, and small car parts
  • Up to 10 pieces of timber (neatly tied) and not exceeding 1.5m in length. Nails must be bent over or removed

Items that will NOT be collected include:

  • Over-length or over-weight items of any nature  (maximum two cubic metres)
  • Waste from industrial and commercial premises
  • Waste material from construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, including fencing
  • Bricks, concrete, stone, clay, sand and soil
  • Liquids (even if in a sealed container) including paint, oil, garden sprays and chemicals.
  • Farm equipment
  • Hazardous or offensive waste, inc asbestos
  • Household garbage
  • Tyres or batteries of any type
  • Glass, televisions or computer monitors. For safety reasons, the collection of these items is too dangerous during hard waste.
  • E-waste is accepted FREE of charge at the Swan Hill Landfill.

For more information on hard waste collection, contact Council’s Waste Management Unit on 5036 2401.