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A message from the Mayor Bill Moar

A message from the Mayor Bill Moar

New Ag Visa, welcomed

Council is delighted that the Federal Government has delivered a vital agricultural visa, to help secure the future of our region.

We have been advocating for this for quite some time, to provide a long term, reliable, available and legal workforce for critical industries in our municipality – it’s long been one of our regions greatest challenges.

I extend my thanks to the Federal Government for listening to our concerns and delivering this visa, for regional Victorians.

Free parking in the Swan Hill CBD

Council is currently offering free parking in the Swan Hill CBD. We hope that the free parking may assist locals to continue supporting businesses that remain open for take away and click and collect.

While payment is not required for meters, parking signage must still be followed.

Parking will be free in the Swan Hill CBD until Sunday, 19 September 2021.

Support local

My continued thoughts go out to local businesses currently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember to support a local businesses, if you have the means to – there survival depends on us and we need to support them now, more than ever.

So, next time you need to make a purchase whether it be clothing for warmer spring weather, a gift for a loved one or an essential item – please think local first.

Please get vaccinated

A COVID-19 vaccine is your best defence and our only way forward from the current pandemic.
Now’s the time to arm yourself, your family, your friends, your work mates, your community – someone you love.

Tree removal in Monash Avenue

Last week the removal of 19 trees on Monash Avenue in Swan Hill commenced.
These trees were recommended for removal due to structural issues, coupled with an elevated possibility of further large limb failure, proportional to the high use of the area by pedestrians and visitors.

The majority of the trees have significant structural issues caused by competition for growth.

This is due to:

  • tight planting spacing with multiple codominant branch and trunk unions
  • overextended branches and many with poor taper
  • the recent failure of small and larger limbs due to an increased volume of deadwood and pest/disease issues

I appreciate that there has been widespread disappointment among the community to see these established trees go.

We understand the importance of trees to the amenity of our towns, and do not make the decision to remove them lightly.

Our Council undertake a range of works to support our environment – from pest and weed management to tree replacement and maintenance

When a tree poses an unacceptable risk to public health and safety they must be removed.

In Monash Avenue, the safety of pedestrians, visitors, volunteers and staff at the Pioneer Settlement and the surrounding precinct was our number one priority and was at the forefront of the decision to remove these trees.

All Council trees are regularly inspected by professional arborist – to maintain the health and safety of trees in our municipality.

Rates payments

I am aware that there has been some confusion recently regarding lump sum rates payments.

Please rest assured that lump sum payments are still an option.

All residents can pay their rates in a one off payment by the first installment date – or make installments, the choice is up to our ratepayer.

As interest rates on investments are near zero – the only difference is, we are no longer in the position to offer a discount for lump sum rates payments.

You can find out more about our rates and charges here.