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Monash Drive Precinct set for exciting new upgrades

Monash Drive Precinct set for exciting new upgrades

Council is continuing to improve the Swan Hill Riverfront Precinct, new parking upgrades aim to drive visitation, support events and help create a vibrant community space.

The Monash Drive road realignment and car parking tender, is now open for submissions.

The Monash Drive project will support standard car, long vehicle and bus parking opposite the Pioneer Settlement.

Key components of the project include:

  • Minimal road realignment and widening of sections along Monash Drive
  • Current parallel parking will be replaced with angle parking for standard vehicles, long vehicles and provision for bus drop off and pick up/parking will also be established
  • Some minor vegetation removal will be carried out on the western side of the road
  • Pedestrians will be assisted with concrete paths and a pedestrian refuge
  • Landscaping on both sides of the road will be established
  • The BBQ shelter on the western side of the road will remain
  • Overflow parking for large events remains the same

Conditions on the Pioneer Settlement side between the entrance to the Settlement and the PS Gem will remain unchanged and will be updated at a further stage.

Pioneer Settlement General Manager, Jessica Warburton said additional parking would significantly enhance the visitor experience at Pioneer Settlement.

“We are looking forward to having additional parking for visitors and locals to improve access and safety,” Ms Warburton said.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by June 2022.

For more information please call Council’s project manager office on 03 5036 2333.

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