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Council amends planning scheme

Council amends planning scheme

The Victorian Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C73 to Swan Hill Rural City Council’s Planning Scheme.

The new amendment is effective from Friday, 22 October 2021.

Council’s Director Development and Planning, Heather Green said the amendment follows extensive consultation, a review and strategic reporting.

“The amendment includes a number of notable changes – consistent with new State-wide requirements.

“Changes to the minimum subdivision area in the Farming zone with 20 hectares being the smallest allotment allowed to be created now in irrigated land or land with a water licence, with no exceptions.

“Removal of the Dryland/Irrigated areas reference in the rural zones, has been replaced with the following wording:

“All land which is within a gazetted irrigation district or where a water use licence has been issued and applied to land for horticultural production purposes” and “All other land”.

Ms Green said Council had increased recognition within the Planning Scheme of the role of Lake Boga plays, as a commuter town to Swan Hill, with a developing recreational and tourism focus.

“The need recognised to prepare a Settlement Strategy, including opportunities for around Lake Boga is currently underway.

“The changes also allowed for the protection of the Robinvale landfill and Swan Hill Transfer Station sites,” she said.

“A number of other inconsequential changes were also made that were largely administrative in nature, or reflected changes in land use terms,” Ms Green said.

Ms Green said the amendments would provide better land use outcomes for the municipality.

All planning applications not approved prior the amendment coming into effect on Friday, 22 October are bound by the new planning scheme.

For more information please call Council’s planning department on 03 5036 2333.