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Female grey and white cat collected from McCallum street Swan Hill.

The following fees may apply when collecting your pet from the pound:

  • Registration fee ranges from: $22 to $240
  • Pound release (first offence):  $77
  • Sustenance fee: $13 per day
  • Unregistered pet fee: $363
  • Pets found wandering at large fee ranges from: $91 to $363
  • Registration tag replacement $2

Please note: Dogs and cats may be re-homed if they are not claimed within 8 days.
Pet exchange register ID: BR101264 (Robinvale) | BR101262 (Swan Hill).

For more information or to arrange an appointment contact: Local Laws
Phone: (03) 5036 2346 (office hours only)

After Hours Emergency Response (dog attacks and livestock on roads):
Phone: (03) 5032 0322