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A message from the Mayor Jade Benham

A message from the Mayor Jade Benham

Flu Vaccines are now available

Did you know that Council provides immunisations clinics to the community, at morning and evening session every month? I have taken my sons there for their needles, so I can personally vouch for this exceptional service.

Influenza (flu) vaccines are also now available and we’re also holding special flu sessions.
The vaccine is strongly recommended for older people, pregnant women and those who work or live with people at risk, but I encourage everyone to book in and receive the vaccine.

The vaccine lasts up to one year and helps to avoid illnesses that might arise from the influenza virus.
Influenza vaccine is free for those aged 65+, from 6 months to under 5 years old, and people with relevant medical conditions. For all other people, the cost is $25 and can be paid via cash or card on the day.

Bookings are essential for all Council immunisation sessions, including the influenza sessions. All sessions are held at the Swan Hill Town Hall.

For more information, please contact the Public Health Services Department on 5036 2591.

Remain vigilant against fruit fly

Council has noticed an increase in the reporting of Queensland Fruit Fly infestation. This is concerning as Queensland Fruit Fly is not only a nuisance for the home gardener but a threat to our horticultural industry.

The Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (GSPFA) is reminding residents to refresh their monitoring traps so they know if Queensland Fruit Flies are active in their gardens.

If you have fruit trees make sure fruit is not left to over-ripen on trees or left on the ground. You can still enjoy home gardening by growing herbs, leafy greens and root vegetables where the flies won’t lay their eggs.

Insect nets are also becoming popular for both fruit and vegetables as it provides a physical barrier.
If you are finding you don’t have time to manage trees, the GSPFA has a free host tree removal program.

For more information about managing Queensland Fruit Fly or tree removal, call the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area on 5022 0327 or visit www.pestfreearea.com.au

Full dance card at the Town Hall

The Swan Hill Town Hall Performing Arts and Conference Centre (PACC) certainly has a lot to be excited about, with a full schedule of fun and entertainment coming up.

This weekend they will be welcoming the iconic foursome Human Nature. I have heard that it will be a night full of the groups most loved songs, their new and old original hits, Motown classics and much more.

Later this month they will host the Fairfax Youth Initiative, a film festival like no other. They will showcase the true stories of 20 young people across the Murray Mallee, celebrating creativity, youth, and community.

To find out more, visit www.swanhilltownhall.com or call the Swan Hill Town Hall bookings office on 5036 2384.