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Advocacy and lobbying

Advocacy and lobbying

Swan Hill Rural City Council regularly advocates to the Victorian and Australian governments for funding for important programs and projects that will benefit our community and the broader region.

Our advocacy is ongoing, but has a particular focus in the lead up to the 2022 state and federal elections.

What does advocacy involve?

Our advocacy effort is focused on engaging with other levels of government and key organisations in our community to gain support for Council and community priorities.

It includes regular meetings and representations to ministers, members of parliament and key decision-makers in government. At election time it involves discussing our priorities with candidates from all parties.

Why is advocacy important?

If we work alone, there are limits to what the Swan Hill Rural City Council can achieve within our legislative and budgetary capabilities.

That means support from other levels of government is critical to the effective delivery of priority projects, programs, and infrastructure for our municipality.

Invest in possibility

Swan Hill Rural City is energised and ready for investment. Our strong agriculture and manufacturing sectors and unique natural environment make us a livable and prosperous region, offering diverse opportunities for progress.

This Federal election, we are seeking commitments to invest in and support transport, community infrastructure, health, agriculture and housing projects.