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Calling on local input for Council asset naming

Calling on local input for Council asset naming

Prominent women and local Aboriginal language are set to feature in the updated, more inclusive and equitable Council Asset Naming Masterlist.

Swan Hill Rural City Council is calling on local residents to have their say by submitting naming suggestions for consideration and inclusion on the updated Masterlist.

Swan Hill Rural Council’s Director Infrastructure, Svetla Petkova said the Masterlist would provide Council and Developers with a diverse selection of pre-approved names to choose from when naming new roads, open space or buildings.

“Naming of Council assets such as roads and parklands provides an opportunity to honour individuals and groups in the community that deserve recognition for past contributions and achievements.”

“It also presents an opportunity to emphasise important landmarks and geographical features of historical or cultural significance.

“We are particularly seeking to recognise prominent women from the region and to include local Aboriginal language onto our Masterlist,” Ms Petkova said.

Ms Petkova said individuals wishing to make a submission should read Council’s Naming Guidelines prior to submitting their suggestions.

All eligible submissions will be put to Council at a future Ordinary Meeting of Council. Council, at its discretion, may adopt, alter or reject any recommendation presented.

To make a submission, click here.

Click here for a copy of Council’s Naming Guidelines.

For more information, contact Council’s Engineering Department on 5036 2324.