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Four waste stream service

Four waste stream service

This week the Victorian State Government announced that Victorian households will soon be able to recycle more efficiently and divert tonnes of waste from landfill, thanks to the roll-out of a four waste stream service.

State Government mandated changes require that every Victorian Council provide to all of its residents, access to a four waste stream service. The implementation of a new separated glass service will need to occur no later than 2027, and a new FOGO (food organics and garden organics) service no later than 2030. Swan Hill Rural City Council are currently planning to deliver these new services by the end of 2024.

Acting Director of Infrastructure Malcom Styles said that waste stream services were still being worked through, with community consultation to commence later this year.

“The four waste stream service is welcome news for residents as sustainability becomes increasingly important within households” he said.

“The particulars of how this will work for our Council, given its large geographical area, are being considered to ensure the best value outcome for our ratepayers.”

Swan Hill Rural City Council will receive $60,918 of the $1 million Circular Economy Household Education Fund to assist with community education when implementing the change of services, specifically for new glass and FOGO.