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Lake Boga to be closed to the public

Lake Boga to be closed to the public

Swan Hill Rural City Council advises that Lake Boga will be closed to the public for all recreation, from midnight on Wednesday, 30 November until midnight on Wednesday, 14 December 2022.

Council’s Director Development and Planning, Heather Green said the closure followed recent High River events across the region.

“Additional pressure has been placed on waterways and Lake Boga is now due to reach full supply capacity.

“Lake Boga will be closed for all recreation, while works to raise banks on the Lake Boga outfall channel on both sides, are undertaken.

“Any additional wakes created by boats on the Lake, can further generate the challenge of bank erosion.

“We also have additional safety concerns associated with the lake being at full capacity and it will be carefully monitored during the closure period,” Ms Green said.

Ms Green added that inflows to Lake Boga had also impacted water quality within Lake Boga.

For more information please contact Goulburn Murray Water on 1800 013 357.