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FREE Rapid Antigen Tests

FREE Rapid Antigen Tests

The Victorian State Government recently announced the expansion of the free Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) program in local councils.

Now, all Victorians can pop in to a local library or designated council facility during open hours to pick up free tests.

How many tests can I pick up?

Community members can collect up to 10 tests (2 kits) for themselves, plus up to 10 tests (2 kits) for each member of their household per visit. People with disabilities or their carers can receive 20 tests (4 kits) per visit.

What if I have symptoms?

Please do not come to the library if you have COVID-19 symptoms, it’s important to do what you can to prevent the spread of the virus. Please ask someone to collect the test on your behalf.

Where can I collect a test?

You can collect a test from:

To RAT or not to RAT?

RATs remain the preferred means of testing for COVID-19. They are very good at detecting COVID-19 when you are most infectious and most likely to pass it on to others . You should take RATs for 3-4 consecutive days as COVID-19 can take several days to develop. Follow the instructions that come with your test kit as they can vary.