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Cessation of Building Services

Cessation of Building Services

Swan Hill Rural City Council advises that it will no longer be accepting building permit applications, at this time, due to a critical shortage of qualified and registered building professional staff in Victoria.

Council’s Director Development and Planning, Heather Green said this change of service offerings is not uncommon with over 90% of permits issued in Victoria being carried out by private certifiers.

“The building industry has access to private certifiers in Swan Hill and we have commenced advising regular customers of this change,” Ms Green said.

Ms Green said a building permit is needed for all major building projects including new homes, home extensions, garages and commercial projects.

“A permit is also needed for small projects including sheds, retaining walls, fences, decks, carports, verandahs, swimming pools and spas.

“Council intends to complete the existing building permit applications it currently has and will continue to conduct swimming pool and spa audits and registration,” she said.

Ms Green said that Council would continue providing Statutory building functions.

“Statutory building functions like report and consent applications, providing building information certificates, enforcing compliance with the Regulations, investigating suspected non-compliance with the Building Act and utilising emergency powers to protect public safety will continue to be provided by Council,” she said.

The local building industry is being advised that Building Permits can be obtained through a private building surveyor.

A list of private building surveyors can be obtained from the Victorian Building Authority  using the https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/tools/find-practitioner or by visiting the https://www.aibs.com.au/ website.