Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Please scoop the poop

Swan Hill Rural City Council is asking locals to do their part to keep communities clean by scooping their dogs’ poop when out and about.

The reminder is in response to an increase in customer complaints received by Council, specifically from residents who continue to do the right thing, however, are left to encounter smelly surprises on their walks.

Council Local Law, Senior Authorised Officer Darren Rovere kindly urged all pet owners to take steps to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of our community.

“When taking your dog for a walk please ensure that you are taking waste bags with you.

“Whilst Council provides dog waste bags in high use areas, it does so as a courtesy. Doggy bags can be easily purchased at various outlets.

“Doggy bags can easily be remembered by tying them to your pet’s lead or using a collar-clipped doggy bag holder,” Mr Rovere said.

Mr Rovere said that failing to pick up after your dog is an offence and could attract a fine.

Council Mayor, Cr Les McPhee said taking your dog for a daily walk is important, however it’s also important to pick up their waste on walks so other walkers can enjoy our footpaths and parks.

“Council encourages dog owners to be considerate and bag their pet’s waste appropriately. It is up to residents to ensure they have the means to pick up after their dog and make sure our open spaces can be enjoyed by everyone” Cr McPhee said.

It is also timely to remind dog owners that if you’re in a public place, dogs must always be kept on a lead in designated on-lead areas.

For more information on responsible pet ownership, please click here.

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