Wednesday, 4 October 2023
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Captain Pearl is feeling more herself again

Recently the Captain Pearl bollard located at Nyah Boat Ramp has been restored to more accurately represent her likeness.

Director of Development and Planning, Heather Green said our regions riverfront features a trail of large timber bollards, carved and painted to depict past identities, and it was unfortunate to recently discover Captain Pearl had been misrepresented.

“Captain Pearl holds historical significance and is a great icon to depict on one of our river bollards.

“She was the first woman in Australia to become a certified skipper in 1947 and has connection to the well-known historic boat, the Kookaburra, which sank directly in front of where her bollard stands,” Ms Green added.

Ms Green said, it was recently brought to our attention that during restoration to Captain Pearls bollard, something went wrong.

“After her restoration following the 2011 floods, Pearl was unfortunately given a beard.

“In consultation with Pearls grandson we appointed artist Rhonda Avery to improve Pearl and recreate an authentic piece of history for the Murray,” Ms Green said.

Ms Green encourages the community and visitors to head on out and visit Captain Pearl, and to watch this space for the return of more iconic timber bollards.

“The restoration of Captain Pearl is stage one of the project – watch this space for the return of more bollards that have been in restoration and more signage to tell their story,” Ms Green said.

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