Youth Endeavour Scholarship


Council has established a scholarship program, coordinated by secondary schools within the municipality, to support school leavers wanting to undertake further education or training to assist with career opportunities or take on a new job.

Scholarships will be on offer to secondary students in the municipality who:

  • have shown commitment to study and have the aspirations to complete further training, study or pursue career opportunities after secondary school (eg. Tafe, University, Apprenticeship etc)
  • or who may require financial assistance to take the next steps after secondary school

The scholarship may be used for, but not limited to, the following items:

  • education and training fees, books or uniform
  • purchase of a vehicle, driving lessons, licence fees
  • tools and equipment

Each year, 10 x $500 scholarships will be available to secondary students in the municipality. Schools are responsible for student nominations and the coordination of scholarship timelines.