Camping and caravans


Camping and caravanning is certainly growing in popularity – and let’s be honest, our region has so much to offer to camping enthusiasts! If you are considering coming to our municipality for overnight camping, please be aware that there are rules and regulations in place.

Unless you are located within a caravan park, overnight camping on most of Council’s land and roads within the Swan Hill municipality is prohibited without a permit.

Can I camp at the Swan Hill Showgrounds?

No. Camping is prohibited at the Swan Hill Showgrounds.

Where can I free camp?

Nyah Recreation Reserve Campground, River Street Nyah

  • The maximum length of stay is 7 nights in a 60-day period
  • If you are staying more than 3 nights, you must register with the Nyah Store and Post Office located on the Murray Valley Highway Nyah
  • There is no power or showers provided on-site
  • Free standing tents are only permitted when used in conjunction with RV, caravan or camper trailer.

Camp on licensed Crown water frontages

There are other free camping areas located on Crown Land along the Murray River.  These areas include:

Camping area Distance from town
Nyah camping area 1 11km east of Nyah West
Pental Island camping area 1 and 2 21km south east of Swan Hill
Piangil camping area 1, 2 and 3 5km south of Piangil
Piangil camping area 4 6km south of Piangil 
Piangil camping area 6 7km south of Piangil 
Swan Hill camping area 1, 2 and 3 31km east of Swan Hill
Swan Hill camping area 4 11km north of Swan Hill
Swan Hill camping area 5 14km north of Swan Hill
Swan Hill camping area 6 and 7 8km east of Swan Hill
Swan Hill camping area 8 and 9 17km north of Swan Hill
Tyntynder camping area 1 2km north of Tyntynder  

For further information about camping on Crown land please visit the Energy, Environment and Climate Action website. 

Where can I access a dump point?

Dump points are available at:

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Do I need a permit to camp on my own land?

Within a residential area, a property owner or occupier will need a permit from Council to:

  • keep more than  one caravan on the land
  • camp for a more than seven nights in a six-month period

How to apply for a permit

Apply to Council in writing by emailing

Council will take the following into consideration when assessing the application:

  • Whether a building permit has been granted
  • Reasons for the application
  • Number of people to occupy
  • Length of the request
  • The means of waste water management and disposal
  • Impacts on the amenity of the immediate area

Report an issue to Council

If you have an issue with caravans or campers you can report the issue through the Council website.

Report an issue to Council