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Couple walking along the path in Riverside Park Swan Hill

Nestled on the banks of the Murray River and bathed in sunshine, the region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with low humidity and high sunlight hours. These same attributes added to the strong sense of community and range of community facilities has led to the region being regarded as a great place to live.

Ideally located within the economic heartland of southeast Australia, in the heart of the rich Murray Valley, the region is one of Australia’s most diverse and productive rural areas. The Swan Hill region is rich in culture and blessed with local produce and wine. And all this is surrounded by the country’s most beautiful natural asset, the Murray River.


Peaceful regional living in the Swan Hill region is just the beginning of the lifestyle that has evolved here. Living on the Murray provides both picturesque views and endless possibilities for all-ages. Swimming, kayaking and fishing for a mighty Murray Cod is all at your fingertips when living in the Swan Hill Region. Numerous sporting clubs, walking and cycling trails, and golf courses allow you to keep healthy and become active in the local community, while the thriving food and drink scene lets you indulge in fantastic local dining. There’s no doubt that the Swan Hill lifestyle is one of balance, delivering both relaxed rural living and plenty of exciting opportunities.


Right now there are many job vacancies in the Swan Hill Region. Accelerate your career and take advantage of all of the rewarding job opportunities the Region has to offer. If you are looking for a change, there is an abundance of opportunities – Professional Services, Trade, Local Government, Agriculture, Hospitality, Retail, Management and much more.

Explore the range of educational and job opportunities in the Swan Hill region and connect with local businesses and industry.


Are you an investment-ready business looking to establish, expand or relocate? Explore these informative websites brimming with insights on the remarkable opportunities awaiting your business and your family in our beautiful region.

Investment attraction strategy

This new strategy provide a framework for the assessment of assistance and/or financial incentives applicable to either new business investment or the significant expansion of existing business in the Rural City of Swan Hill.

To be considered for assistance, an applicant must demonstrate that the development will provide significant net economic benefits through employment creation or retention. Retrospective assistance for developments that have already commenced is not available. The range of assistance that may be provided includes:

  • A key point of contact to help facilitate:
    • Statutory Planning including rezoning and subdivision
    • Council infrastructure requirements
    • Public Health
    • Natural Resources Management
    • Compliance/ Local Laws
    • Waste and Wastewater Management
    • Meetings with Councillors and Council employees
    • Meetings with State and Federal MPs
    • Meetings with key State and Federal Government Departments
    • Contacts with key utility providers
    • Contacts with Property and Employment Agencies
    • Contacts with Business Networks
    • Provision of relevant documentation and reports including regional and site-specific maps, plans and strategies
  • Assistance with funding applications excluding Council-provided grants.
  • Businesses may be eligible for an investment incentive equivalent to a maximum of 75% of any additional rates received by Council directly as the result of the development for a period of up to five years. The level of financial assistance is dependent on set criteria.

Investment Attraction Guidelines(PDF, 75KB)

Disclaimer: The above is general information and a guide only. As such, no business decisions should be taken based on this general guide