Roadside or vehicle food trading on Council land

You will require a permit if you intend to sell food or drinks from a mobile food vehicle on council land or road reserves.

This includes specifically purposed vans, trucks or other fully contained vehicles with wheels, which hold a valid vehicle registration. 

How to apply


Step 1.Check if Council is the correct authority

Many major roads are controlled by VicRoads, and Council is unable to issue permits for those areas.

You can view roads that are the responsibility of VicRoads by using their Map of Declared Roads.

Step 2.Read the Mobile Food Trading Code of Practice

The Mobile Food Trading Code of Practice encourages the use of the public space for outdoor mobile food trading because it adds value to the city for all who use it, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and established fixed food business to activate the riverside precincts. It also allows for a range of food options and availability over busy holiday periods.

The Code of Practice also outlines locations, times and restrictions relating to trade. Please ensure you read the Code of Practice prior to applying for a permit.

Mobile Food Trading Code of Practice(PDF, 1MB)

Step 3.Have supporting documents ready

When completing the application you will need to upload:

  • a copy of your current public liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million
  • Council or FoodTrader registration number (if selling food)
  • Proof you are a voluntary member of Swan Hill Incorporated  (if applicable) 

Step 4.Submit the online form

Apply for a mobile food trading permit


Mobile food trading - 50% discount available for charities/non for profit organisations 2024/25 fees
Annual permit (1 January to 31 December) $1000
Six month permit (may be non-consecutive) $600
Weekend permit (peak season*) $200
Weekend permit (off-peak season*) $100
Limited permit (less than 10 hours per week on Council land) $250

*peak season – holiday periods and long weekends

What happens next?

  • Please allow 10 business days for processing of your application.
  • If all required documents are not provided, processing may be delayed.
  • If approved you will be issued with an invoice to compete payment and a permit will be issued.

You cannot trade on Council land without a valid permit from Council. 

Conditions placed on approved permits

  • The permit holder must maintain a policy of public liability insurance to the value of at least $20 million, during the entire term of the permit
  • Any alterations to the permit must have written authorisation from Council
  • Items placed on the footpath must comply with Council’s Community Local Law No.2
  • Council reserves the right to alter or cancel the permit should any breech occur Items on the footpath must be placed directly outside the premises to which the permit relates
  • There must be a minimum 1.8 metre clearance between the building or property line and anything on the footpath at all times
  • Under no circumstances, should any goods, advertising signs, displays, ancillary items, tables and chairs be placed against the shopfront window
  • There must be a minimum 0.7 metre clearance from the kerbside at all times
  • Advertising signs and displays must be removed from the footpath during extreme weather conditions
  • Advertising signs must be no more than 1.0 metre high and 800 millimetres wide Public seating, rubbish bins and other public facilities must remain accessible at all times
  • All items must be removed from the footpath at the end of each business day