Could emergency services find you in an emergency?

Published on 27 May 2024

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Swan Hill Rural City Council is urging residents to ensure they have correctly displayed house numbers on buildings and fences, to ensure emergency services can reach them in an emergency.

Council’s Senior Authorised Officer and Municipal Prevention Officer, Harold Rovere said in an emergency minutes matter and making your property number visible from the street could be the difference between life and death.

“It has become clear to Council that within some towns in our municipality, members of our emergency services including CFA, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police are having great difficulty locating addresses simply because property street numbers are either missing or obscured,” Mr Rovere said.

Mr Rovere highlighted that property owners are responsible for displaying the correct house number on their building or a fence fronting the street.

“In fact, they have a legal obligation to do so (Part 4, Section 37 of the Swan Hill Rural City Council Local Law No 2),” Mr Rovere added.

Mr Rovere said Council was urging residents to take responsibility for the visibility and maintenance of their house numbers.

“By working together, we can create a safer and more secure community.

“Our Council remains committed to fostering a secure environment for all residents.

For more information please contact Council on 03 5036 2333.

Residents are encouraged to:

  • Ensure that house numbers are accurate and prominently displayed, well-maintained and clearly readable.
  • Use large, contrasting numbers that are visible from the street, especially at night.
  • Trim foliage may obstruct the view of house numbers from the road.


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