After emergencies

Following a significant emergency event, you may not have access to electricity or internet, and access to/from homes may become cut off.

The first 72 hours are usually the most crucial. During this time, many services will be inundated with requests for help - this is one of the many reasons why it's essential to have a comprehensive plan in place before an emergency event occurs.

Where to get help after an emergency

During and immediately after an emergency, a variety of agencies and organisations will offer immediate relief, including at an Emergency Relief Centre.  Depending on the nature of the emergency, the need for support and assistance can continue for weeks or months.

Contacting Council can be a good way to get help and answers to your questions - we can also provide you with the contact details you may need.

The VicEmergency website contains a comprehensive register of information on a variety of relief and recovery resources, including bushfire, flood and storm. The information can change when particular events are taking place or have happened.

Visit the VicEmergency website

Other resources

Financial and legal assistance and support

Each emergency will trigger different levels of financial assistance and support. The agencies and organisations listed below will be able to provide you with information relating to the support that may be available.

Mental health, family violence and other assistance

Surviving an emergency event can have substantial impacts on your mental health. Making use of the help available will likely lead to a faster recovery.

It’s important that following a traumatic event, you book in to see your GP, a counsellor or similar service provider.

Incidences of family violence also increase after experiencing an emergency. Please reach out for help from friends or family or contact one of the agencies below for assistance if you need help.

Returning home and cleaning up


Contact your insurance company as soon as possible and seek advice about the claims process.