Roads, drains, footpaths and naturestrips

Road Management Plan and Public Road Register

The Road Management Plan (RMP) sets the management standards and policy for the Council's duties as the Road Authority.  The plan details the frequency that road assets are inspected and the standards to which they are maintained and repaired.

Road Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Our Public Roads Register identifies which roads or parts of roads Council is responsible for. 

Register of Public Roads(PDF, 12MB)

Memorials Policy

Swan Hill Rural City Council recognises that members of the community may wish to place roadside memorials to remember their loved ones. This policy has been established to provide consistency and control in relation to the use of public open space in the placement of memorials and to ensure they do not negatively impact these spaces.

Applications will be assessed strictly applying the criteria set out in this policy and the procedure.

Memorials Policy and Procedure(PDF, 356KB)