Litter and illegal rubbish dumping

Illegal Rubbish Dumping

Litter and dumped waste pollutes our roadsides, parks and waterways. It also has devastating impacts on wildlife.

You can help by using our public litter bins, taking your waste home with you and reporting illegal waste disposal.

Under the Environment Protection Act 2017, it is against the law to dispose of waste by:

  • littering from a car or other type of vehicle
  • illegally dumping it on public or private land

Report litter from a vehicle

You can report a person for littering cigarette butts or other types of rubbish from a vehicle to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria.

Visit EPA Victoria for more information about reporting litter from vehicles.

Report waste dumped on Council land

You can report waste that has been dumped on land owned or managed by Council directly to us. Council land includes:

  • local roads not maintained by VicRoads
  • footpaths and nature strips
  • parks, reserves and playgrounds

Report litter or illegal rubbish dumping