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Council Vision

Council Vision

Our Vision

A prosperous and healthy community enjoying quality facilities and services.

Our Mission

We will lead, advocate, partner and provide efficient services and opportunities for growth and the wellbeing of our community and environment.

Our Values

Council values our residents and community and will be responsive to their needs. In pursuing our objectives, we believe in, and are committed to, the following values:

Community engagement

We will ensure that our communities are consulted, listened to and informed.


We will be at the centre of our community and by actively engaging our community we will form the collective view on strategic issues and will then express our views through strong advocacy.


We will value and embrace the diversity of our community and ensure that all people are treated equally.


We will be transparent and efficient in our activities and we will always value feedback.


We will act with integrity and earn the community’s trust by being a reliable partner in delivering services and providing facilities.

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