Public Consultation

Public Consultation

We regularly consult with our community and people about matters being considered by Council.

Sometimes, by law Council must consult, and other times Council needs your feedback so it can make a good decision for the community.

Statutory consultation

By law, some decisions and activities of Council can only be made after public consultation. This includes:

  • Setting Councillor and Mayoral allowances
  • Adopting a Council plan
  • Making a local law
  • Changing Council’s system of land valuations for Council rates
  • Adopting a budget
  • Declaring a special rate or a special charge
  • Selling, exchanging or leasing land
  • Deviating or discontinuing a road

After a public notice is published, submissions must be received by Council within 28 days.

Council must arrange a time, date and place for a meeting to hear submissions. We must also give enough notice to submitters so they (or their representative) have the chance to speak to their submission.

Other public consultation

Before starting any consultation required by law, we consult with the community on sensitive decisions. We also consult before an important decision or starting a project to determine public opinion or community concerns.

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