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The Council Plan plays an important role in shaping the future for the Swan Hill municipality, setting a broad direction for the next four years.

Community Vision and Council Plan

As Swan Hill Rural City Council continues to evolve and develop, so do our goals and priorities for the region.

This past year has been a challenging one for all of us. We as a Council, not only want to help our community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but move our region forward to improve, create a healthy connected community and prosper.

This Council Plan 2021-2025 will ensure our organisation remains progressive, dynamic and committed servicing the needs of our community. The plan is a high level, strategic document that will guide us as we make decisions in the best interest of our communities.

It will help us monitor our performance, stay on track as well as meet the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2020.

In developing the Community Vision 2031, which has guided this Plan, we were keen to make sure all our voices had the opportunity to be heard. The Plan is based on what the community told us was important to them, their hopes and aspirations, and the kind of community we all want for the future.This information comes from a collaborative process between elected Councillors, the organisation and the community.

As you read through this Council Plan, you will see that it sets out our organisation’s Pillars, Strategic Objectives, Strategic Initiatives and Council’s Strategic Resource Plan over the plan’s four-year life. The Strategic Pillars are – Liveability, Prosperity, Harmony and Leadership.

Council recognises that improving health and wellbeing outcomes is vital to achieving liveability and sustainability outcomes. The four priority areas are Increasing healthy eating and active living, Prevention of all forms of family violence, Reducing the impact of climate change on health and wellbeing and Improve mental health wellbeing

Over the next four years, we will monitor our progress against our performance indicators every quarter. Results will be reported to Council and published in our Annual Report.

The Council Plan will also guide future financial plans, the annual budget, annual operational plans and continuous service improvement. Other key plans are also aligned to the Council Plan, including, but not limited to, the Strategic Resource Plan and Long Term Financial Plan and Budget.

It gives us great pleasure to present the Council Plan 2021-2025 to our community.

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