Thursday, 22 February 2024
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A Gender Equality Committee has been formed and has overseen, and guided the development of our Gender Equality Action Plan. The Plan guides initiatives to address gender equality across Council.

Gender Equality Action Plan

Our first Gender Equality Action Plan was submitted to the commission on March 31, 2022.

We have outlined three key priorities for our organisation that we will work to achieve by 2025:

  • Ensure the language of our communications, recruitment, staff, and community engagement is:
    • free from bias
    • encourages diversity
    • promotes non-traditional roles
  • Identify and remove barriers for women to access jobs or career progression
  • Build understanding and awareness of discrimination, harassment, and violence toward women

Gender Equality Committee

Council has an established Gender Equality Committee. The committee will:

  • provide advice and recommendations to our Executive Leadership Team
  • ensure compliance in meeting Council obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020

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Council is committed to ensuring all people have access to opportunities, services, and resources.

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