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Swan Hill Rural City Council manages all Municipal Roads within the municipality. Municipal Roads are all roads within the municipality, except for those managed by VicRoads or other state road authority as detailed in the Road Management Plan.

Road Management Plan

The Road Management Act 2004 (RMA) was introduced to improve the management and co-ordination of road infrastructure (including road-related infrastructure). The purpose of the RMA is to establish a co-ordinated management system that will promote safe and efficient road networks, at state and local level, to enable the responsible use of road users.

The Road Management Plan (RMP) sets the management standards and the policy in relation to the discharge of Council’s duties as the Road Authority. This relates to all municipal roads and roads related infrastructure covered by the RMP across the municipality. Implementation and management of the RMP is consistent with Council’s strategies and policies.

Compliance with the RMP is evidence that Council has discharged its statutory duty to inspect, repair and maintain public roads and any common-law duty of care owed to road users.

Register of Public Roads

Under the Road Management Act 2004, Swan Hill Rural City Council must keep a register of public roads, showing the roads Council is responsible for.

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