Friday, 29 September 2023
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Swan Hill Riverfront Masterplan

masterplanThe Swan Hill Riverfront Masterplan has been a whole-of-community experience with more than 2000 people providing feedback and information at various stages during its development. This has shaped a Masterplan that incorporates a balance of private and public investment, and will boost tourism and our economy through new experiences and business development, such as the Heart Beat of the Murray which is designed to promote our region and Ports of the Murray. It will create employment that will assist Council towards meeting its regional population target of 30,000 by 2030 and in retaining and attracting essential services such as health, railway infrastructure and tertiary education. There will also be opportunities to diversify the local economy and make us less vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations, international demand and exchange rates. The Masterplan will also aid in attracting external funding to provide a range of new or improved recreational facilities.

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