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Procurement Policy



This Procurement Policy is made under Section 108 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act). The Act requires each council to:

  • Prepare and adopt a procurement policy which specifies the principles, processes and procedures applying in respect of the purchase of goods and services and carrying out of works by the Council; and
  • Review its procurement policy at least once during each 4-year term of the Council.

This Policy has been developed collaboratively by the Loddon Mallee Procurement Network (LMPN) with a view to facilitating smooth collaborative procurement processes, consistent with the Act.

Purpose / Objectives

This Policy is consistent with the requirements of S108 (2) of the Act and will:

  • Promote open and fair competition and provide Value for Money;
  • Provide clear guidelines to the Council to allow consistency and control over procurement activities;
  • Demonstrate accountability to ratepayers and residents;
  • Provide guidance on ethical behaviour in public sector procurement;
  • Demonstrate the application of best practice in procurement activities;
  • Demonstrate the consideration of sustainability in procurement with respect to social, economic and environmental factors;
  • Increase the probability of obtaining the best outcome for the municipal community when procuring goods and services; and delivering works, and
  • Promote collaborative procurement.

These objectives will be achieved by requiring that Council’s contracting, purchasing and contract management activities:

  • Support the Council’s corporate strategies, aims and objectives;
  • Span the whole life cycle of an acquisition and take sustainability and environmental benefit considerations into account;
  • Achieve demonstrable Value for Money;
  • Are conducted in, and demonstrate, an impartial, fair and ethical manner;
  • Seek continual improvement through innovative and technological initiatives, and
  • Generate and support Local Business through inclusion wherever practicable.


This Policy applies to all procurement activities at the Council and is applicable to Councillors and Council Staff.

It is recognised this will enhance achievement of the Council’s objectives such as sustainable and socially responsible procurement, supporting local economies and obtaining Value for Money, leading to a better result in the provision of goods, services and works for the benefit of the community.

This Policy provides direction on the conduct of procurement activities throughout the sourcing, management and disposal phases. It does not extend to the related accounts payable processes.
The Council must comply with this Procurement Policy before purchasing or entering into a contract for, the purchase of goods, services or the carrying out of works.

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Related Legislation

  • Local Government Act 1989 (where applicable)
  • National Competition and Competitive Neutrality Policy
  • Trade Practices Act 1974
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Signed: Jade Benham
Date: 05/01/22

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