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Robinvale Levee Works

Robinvale Levee Works

The objective of the project is to enhance flood protection for the Robinvale township, and in turn, potentially allow for land rezoning and housing development.

The project includes:

  • Upgrade and reconstruction of the current levee bank from Higgins Roads to Smythe Road, and construction of a new section of levee Along the Smythe Road.
  • Seven pedestrian access points along the levee to provide access to the river, without compromising the levee’s integrity.
  • Development of a seasonal wetland along Smythe Road, utilising the existing drainage network. This new feature aims to improve local biodiversity by providing habitat to local animal species and an additional landmark for visitors and the community.

Contact details

Dmitry Belyakov
Project Manager
Phone: 5036 2333
Email: council@swanhill.vic.gov.au

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