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How Rates are Calculated

How Rates are Calculated

Rates are based upon the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property. Council then provides a tax rate for each property known as ‘the rate in the dollar’.

The CIV is multiplied by the rate in dollar to total the amount of annual rate raised.

For 2021/22 Council has several tax rates for different property groups.

Rate type Rate in the
dollar CIV (cents)
For example
General property 0.00542439 A property with a CIV of $250,000 would raise $1,356.10
Urban and Industrial – Swan Hill and Robinvale * 0.00564138 A property with a CIV of $250,000 would raise $1,410.35 in rates
Vacant Land for more than five years, or for three years after sale as a residential allotment – Swan Hill or Robinvale. 0.01735751 A property with a CIV of $75,000 would raise $1,301.81 in rates
Commercial properties within Residential, Business or Industrial zones of the Swan Hill Planning Scheme – Swan Hill or Robinvale 0.00705171 A property with a CIV of $250,000 would raise $1,762.93 in rates
Farming properties without access to irrigation water infrastructure and primarily used for broadacre/grain/sheep production and allocated an Australian Valuation Property Classification Code of 510, 520, 523, 524 or 530 0.00433957 A property with a CIV of $250,000 would raise $1,084.88 in rates

* To fund drainage works, urban and commercial/industrial/tourism properties in Swan Hill and Robinvale will be charged a rate in the dollar that is 4% higher than the General Property rate.

Council also provides rate reductions for Not-For-Profit recreational properties and for commercial properties in Common Occupancy with a residence.

Special rate

Properties classified as tourism, commercial and industrial in the declared area of the towns and surrounding areas of Swan Hill and Lake Boga.

Funds raised through the special rate are used by Swan Hill Incorporated to promote the Swan Hill region as a place to live, work, visit and shop.

Swan Hill Incorporated is governed by a local board and three sub-committees who carry out activities. This includes television and print advertising, shop local campaigns, professional development, business forums, local festivals and events, and promoting the region at consumer trade shows.

The special rate categories are:

  • Tourism and Hospitality – 0.00269320 cents in the dollar CIV
  • Commercial – 0.00137496 cents in the dollar CIV
  • Industrial – 0.00045989 cents in the dollar CIV

All categories have a minimum amount of $50.00.

Maximum amounts are also set:

  • Tourism, Hospitality and Commercial properties – $7,372.98
  • Industrial properties – $368.65

Fire Services Property Levy

From 1 July 2013 Council must levy and collect Fire Services Property Levies.  The levy has a fixed and variable component.

The levies are shown on your annual rate notice. The levy is forwarded directly to the State Revenue Office. Council does not receive any funds from the levy.

For more information about the Fire Services Property Levy please visit:
Fire Services Property Levy website

Garbage service charges

Every property with a habitable dwelling in the garbage service collection area must pay a garbage collection charge.

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