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Emailed Rate Notice

Emailed Rate Notice

We’ve introduced a new emailing service for our rates notices. You can now register to receive your rates notices via email instead of post.

Receiving your rates notice via email will not only help cut down on paper and reduce your carbon footprint but also give you faster and easier access to your notices.

How to register

Sign up to receive your rates notice via email by clicking the link below.

Important things to note

  • You will no longer receive a paper copy of your rates notice in your letterbox. Electronic copies will be forwarded to your nominated email address.
  • One (1) email address can be nominated per rates account. The same email address can be used for multiple account numbers.
  • Once registration has been confirmed, future rates notices will be emailed to your nominated email address. Depending on the timing of registration, you may receive one more notice by mail before your request for electronic delivery is processed.

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