Planning Register

List of status of planning permit applications and decisions for this current year.

Register current as at: Monday, 31 July 2017.

ApplicationDate ReceivedTitleAddress (Land Description)DescriptionContactVicSmartApplication FeeNotice of Application Date (Advertising)Changes - Date & DescriptionCorrections - Date & DescriptionAmendments - Date & DescriptionResponsible Authority - DateResponsible Authority - DecisionTribunal - DateTribunal - Decision
2017/0824/07/20172 Hunt Drive, RobinvaleLot 18 PS 316236 Parish of BumbangDevelopment of a swimming pool associated with an existing dwelling affected by Land Subject to Inundation OverlayC Li PO Box 70 ROBINVALE VIC 3549No$592.50
2017/0816/07/20174 Westbrook Road, Swan HillLot 2 PS705961 Parish of Castle DonningtonUse of the land for materials recycling in Industrial 1 ZonePN Joyce PO Box 755 SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$1,265.60
2017/07710/07/201758 New Guinea Road, RobinvaleLot 2 PS143346 Parish of BumbangDevelopment to an existing rural industry in the farming zone and a reduction in car parking requirementsBW & A National Building Consultants PO Box 2105 MILDURA VIC 3585No$1,240.00
2017/0755/07/2017106 Malaya Road, RobinvaleCA 3A Section C Parish of BumbangUse and development of the land for a second dwelling and variation of setback requirements for a building in the farming zone.Anderson Group Mildura 133B Lime Avenue MILDURA VIC 3500No$2,118.80
2017/07429/07/20172/7 Cobb Court, Swan HillLot 10 PS063067 Parish Castle DonningtonUse of the land for a restricted recreation facility in Industrial 1 ZonePerfect Fit Swan Hill 440 Creamery Road TYNTYNDER SOUTH VIC 3586No$1,240.70
2017/07329/06/20175265 Robinvale - Sea Lake Road, Manangatang PC377011, Parish of ManangatangDevelopment of the land associated with an existing transport terminal and removal of native vegetationGraincorp Operations Limited 27 Adams Street MARONG VIC 3515No$3,833.60
2017/07015/06/201725 Murray Valley Highway, Lake BogaLot 1 PS110578 Parish of Kunat KunatDevelopment of the land for 31 Lot subdivision in the General Residential ZoneRoy Costa & Planning and Development PO Box 2925 MILDURA VIC 3500No$1,240.70
2017/06914/06/2017Sea Lake - Swan Hill Road, Swan HillS11 PS 510325 Parish of Castle DonningtonDevelopment of the land for 46 lot staged subdivision and creation of easement in General Residential ZoneHeil Engineering Consultants 46 McCallum Street SWAN HILL VIC 3585 No$1,861.10
2017/0657/06/201725 Wewak Road, RobinvaleCA 56 Section E Parish of BumbangUse of the land for a rural storeAnderson Group 133b Lime Avenue MILDURA VIC 3500No$1,240.70
2017/0645/06/2017Royston Road, Tol TolLot 2 PS 207237 Parish of Tol TolUse and development of the land for a rural store and a reduction of car parking requirementJosef Lazzara PO Box 790 ROBINVALE VIC 3549No$2,697.50
2017/05930/05/201740-42 Nyah Road, Swan HillUnit 3 SP035593 Parish of Castle DonningtonDevelopment of the land associated with an existing building in C1ZSun Centre Power Products Pty Ltd 40-42 Nyah Road SWAN HILL VIC 3585Yes$404.30
2017/05726/05/201764 Stradbroke Avenue, NyahLot 1 PS 202701, Parish of Tyntynder NorthDevelopment of the land to alter access in a road zone category 1James McManus 64 Stradbroke Avenue PO Box 423 NYAH VIC 3594No$1,240.70
2017/05515/05/2017Hattah-Robinvale Road, BannertonLot 1 TP11162 Parish of Tol TolUse and development of the land for a rural storeGreg McCalman Entegra Signature Structures PO Box 1443 Swan Hill VIC 3585No$1,456.70
2017/05418/05/201712 Watkin Street, RobinvalePC 372134 Parish of BumbangDevelopment of the land (outdoor shelter) associated with an existing schoolBW&A National Consultants PO Box 2105 MILDURA VIC 3502No$1,080.40
2017/04911/05/20176 Prescott Lane, Nyah WestCA 31C, Sec 2, Parish of TyntynderUse of the land for a contractors depotP & D Beggs PO Box 2 NYAH WEST VIC 3595No$1,240.70
2017/04810/05/2017121 Curlewis Street, Swan HillCA 2040 Parish of Castle DonningtonDevelopment of the land associated with an existing officeFMSA Pty Ltd Level 2 182 Capel Street NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3051No$1,456.7030/06/2017Approved
2017/04328/04/2017349 & 359 Robinvale - Sea Lake Road, RobinvaleCA 84 & 87 Section B Parish of BumbangUse and development of the land for a rural industry, the reduction of car parking requirements and subdivision of the land (boundary realignment) BW & A National PO Box 1225CP MILDURA VIC 3502No$1,240.70
2017/03910/04/2017Sea Lake - Swan Hill Road, UltimaCA: 37A Parish of UltimaUse and development of the land for transport terminal associated with existing industry, removal of native vegetation and alteration of access to a road in RDZ1. Fisher Planning P/L 67 Deakin Avenue MILDURA VIC 3500No$2,697.50
2017/02915/03/20171030 Benjeroop-Tresco Road, Winlaton & 3516 Murray Valley Highway, TrescoCA: 2 Section:3, Parish of Boga & Lot:2, TP: 58230Removal of Native VegetationKilter Rural Michelle Slater PO Box 85 Bendigo Central VIC 3552No$1,240.70
2017/01310/02/201719 Werril Street, Swan HillLot 1 TP 086219 Parish of Castle DonningtonAmendment - Subdivision of land (4 Lots)Price Merrett Consulting P/L 69 Beveridge Street Swan Hill Vic 3585No$1,240.7030/03/2017Approved
2016/10410/08/2016Happy Valley Landing Road, Happy ValleyCA 7D Parish of BumbangDevelopment of land for a minor utility installation (pump and pipeline) in PCRZNicol Projects 15 The Grange MILDURA VIC 3500No$707.00
2016/0969/08/2016Staley Road, Wemen Parish of WemenLots 2,1,2,2,1,2 PS417945, 608844, 546510, 020738 Seven lot subdivision in the FZ and LSIOPrice Merrett Consulting Pty Ltd 69 Beveridge Street SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$1,057.50
2016/0786/06/201714 Wilson Street, Swan HIllLot 1 TP 672375 Parish of Castle DonningtonDevelopment of the land for a second dwelling, front fence and subdivision (Boundary Realignment) in the General Residential ZoneRC Collins PO Box 132 SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$1,240.7020 June 2017 - Condition 13 Altered
2016/04710/05/2016Lakeside Drive, Lake BogaCA 2014 Parish of BogaUse and development of land for minor utility installation in the PCRZC James PO Box 122 SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$855.00
2016/04619/05/2016132 Stradbroke Ave, Swan HillPC 370517 Parish of Castle DonningtonTwo dwellings and two lot subdivision in the General Residential ZoneGeoffrey Frame PO Box 72 SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$900.0020/06/2016
2016/04313/05/20161 Harrision Cres, Swan HillLot 1, PS 112556Use of the land for a second dwelling in the General Residential ZoneVamike Pty Ltd 178 Campbell Street SWAN HILL VIC 3585No$604.00
2016/0011/01/2016Leslie Rd , Hattah-Robinvale Rd, & Austin Rd, BannertonLots 2,3,4 PS440741, 125895, 122032 Parish Tol TolNative Vegetation RemovalNicol Projects 15 The Grange MILDURA VIC 3500No$102
2015/02016/08/2016Shaggy Ridge Road, RobinvaleCA 2015 Parish of BumbangAmendment to Planning Permit - reduction in native vegetation removalNicol Projects 15 The Grange MILDURA VIC 3500No$502.00