Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Regional Arts Victoria Partnership

Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) supports artists and communities in rural Victoria to create, engage in, and enjoy art.

RAV is a non-profit group. They work with different levels of government to:

  • Encourage new and modern cultural practices in regional areas.
  • Give advice and influence decisions in various parts of the government.

Council partners with RAV, which has a Regional Manager assigned to this area. Working along side Council the Regional Manager:

  • Promotes funding and growth opportunities for cultural projects, programs and events
  • Provides professional development for regional artists
  • Builds arts networks across the state
  • Develops suitable arts projects for our region
  • Shares information about the arts

The Creative Arts Facilitator is based at the Swan Hill Regional Library.

For more information contact Angela Frost
Phone: 0476 353 856

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